GOTR Summit Day One

Day One of the Girls on the Run Summit is complete. It was such an inspiring day. Some highlights:

  • Hearing the “state of the organization” from Liz Kunz. We are growing and expanding and making an impact on so many young women. 80,828 young women in 2010 to be exact! That is something special.
  • Listening to Jenna Wolfe speak about her journey to where she is today. Her motto is something worth repeating – “Fate loves the fearless.”
  • Founder Molly Barker – possibly the most inspiring woman I have ever met – spoke about our personal filters. In addition, she had about 8 GOTR participants up on stage to participate in the conversation. Molly went through a series of questions. If the question pertained to us, we stood up (including the girls). Questions included everything from “I’m a blonde” to “My view on life is always evolving.” The question that gae all of us goosebumps was when Molly made the statement, “I have never run a marathon, but I want to.” Several members of the audience stood up, but ALL of the young girls stood up! Amazing!

I attended two breakout sessions – Board Development and Council Growth and Efficiency. I hope to bring back lots of ideas and figure out a way to utilize them to make our council better, more efficient and to better serve our girls!


6 thoughts on “GOTR Summit Day One

  1. Andrew says:

    sad you didn’t go to the social media panel, hopefully someone will give you their notes … sounds like you are having a great time

  2. meme says:

    Good to get to have report on your trips. You didn’t tell me about Tyler Flo!!!!


  3. bridgette says:

    Oh this sounds so awesome! I wish I was there!

  4. What a great experience. I hope you also felt cool and accomplished that you could sit down during the marathon question!

  5. […] an amazing experience.  So inspiring, motivational, and positive. You can read about my experience here and here. After a long Saturday of coaches training and an intense 49er game (!!!!!), I was up at 5 […]

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