Girls on the Run Summit: Day Two

Yesterday was quite possibly the longest day I have ever had – but it was also one of the most fabulous! To give you an idea of how busy things have been, this is LITERALLY the first moment I have been able to sit in front of my computer to write and it is Wednesday at 2:30PM.

Tuesday was day two of the Girls on the Run summit. To be perfectly honest day one, while exciting, educational and motivating, was a little intimidating. Here I was the only member from the Sacramento Council, a Summit virgin and a 20-something among these more experienced Summit vetrans who seemed to have it all down.

For some reason, things just clicked on Tuesday morning. It wasn’t about how many summits I had gone to or how many council members I brought with me. It was about getting the most I could out of these 3 days and using that to create a better experience for everyone involved in GOTR Sac.The first person I saw yesterday morning was Molly – and she mentioned this lil ole blog of mine! I felt so proud and honored that she looked at it and put my face together with my blog. Thanks Molly – love you!

The morning session was a presentation by Jean Kilbourne. She rocked it! Such a pioneer and inspiration.

After Jean’s presentation, I attended the breakout session on Maximizing Your Strengths. The presentation was interesting and made me think. It also encouraged my next book purchase:

In the afternoon, a big group of us hiked to the summit of Camelback Mountain. It was seriously hard so seriously worth it!

Then it was dinner and drinks and we also had some dinner entertainment.

Caitlin rocked the house! She did such a great job, was poised, polished, professional and funny! Great job girlfriend!

To celebrate Caitlin’s awesome presentation, we went to the casino. Caitlin, Kristien and I had the time of our lives. We sat at the blackjack table for 4 hours and I left up $200!  Not too shabby. All of the dealers, staff and other people at our table were so nice and fun! We got home WAY past my bedtime, but it was SO worth it! Can’t wait till we can do it again and have Aaron join us!


This post doesn’t even begin to do justice to the experience I had in Arizona.  I have so much processing and thinking to do and can’t wait to implement some of the things I learned. Thank you to everyone at Girls on the Run International and around North America. Love you all!

4 thoughts on “Girls on the Run Summit: Day Two

  1. Liz Kunz says:

    What a great post! So glad you enjoyed the Summit. Can’t wait to see you next year in Tampa! The girls in Sacramento are so lucky to have you!

    • modernation says:

      Hi Liz. Thank you for everything. My time in Scottsdale was amazing and it is because of all the hard work you all put in. Such an amazing event and I can’t wait till next year. Hoping I can make a trip to Charlotte before then and come see all of you.

  2. Fun, fun, fun! I think I’m most proud of your blackjack skills. 😉

  3. […] experience.  So inspiring, motivational, and positive. You can read about my experience here and here. After a long Saturday of coaches training and an intense 49er game (!!!!!), I was up at 5 this […]

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