Making the Time

I think yesterday’s morning workout was just what I needed to get back on track. It felt great to work hard and I am glad the gym has started their classes. I decided to put together a rough plan for my workout schedule so that I can stick to it. It’s all about making the time and sticking to it.

I have a half marathon coming up in less than 7 weeks, so I need to start increasing my mileage. On Saturday I ran just under 4 miles and was so happy I had no IT band or knee pain. So I am ready to start gradually increasing my long runs.

The Tread and Shed class was great because it was all about intervals which are important for boosting my fitness and speed training for the half marathon. I covered 2.75 miles in the 30 minute class which is really good considering we spent 5-7 minutes walking.

You will see that I am leaving my weekends a little more flexible. I will want to be sure to make it to the gym at least one day for strength training with my workout buddy (Aaron) and make sure to fit in a long run as well.

Monday: Tread and Shed / TRX Body Web

Tuesday: Spin on indoor trainer (or bike ride when sunrise is earlier)

Wednesday: Tread and Shed / Legs and Chest

Thursday: Yoga

Friday: Tread and Shed / Arms and Shoulders

Saturday: Long run / Weights at gym

Sunday: Long run / Weights at gym


One thought on “Making the Time

  1. meme says:

    don’t see a day off in that week!!!!! Need to make another date so we can catch up!!!

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