Could you go Vegan for a week?

Did you guys watch yesterday’s Oprah?  Oprah and 378 staffers went Vegan for a week. On the show was Kathy Freston, “The Veganist” and my food idol, Michael Pollan. It was pretty funny to hear the affect the switch had on Oprah staffers, especially those that had mostly processed-food diets. Once women admitted she was a fast food addict and she revealed that before the challenge was only going “Number 2” once a week. I couldn’t even imagine!

Could you go vegan for a week? I dabbled in veganism last year and it was a challenge. For me, the meat isn’t he biggest issue – it’s the cheese. I did make some tasty recipes, though:

Faux Pasta

Stuffed Acorn Squash

On Oprah’s website, there is a Vegan Starter Kit that is pretty interesting and even includes 3 weeks of meals.  If you are looking to increase your food consciousness, this is a great challenge. I am almost tempted to give the challenge a shot next week. We have a little cleanse planned anyways, so a super clean diet that week makes sense. But what about my half and half in my coffee? And my cheese and crackers? Time to do some research!


One thought on “Could you go Vegan for a week?

  1. bridgette says:

    I think I am interested too. I have never done full fledged vegan. Although seeing that horrible slaughterhouse footage only affirmed my decision not to eat meat! So sad.

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