A Whirlwind Weekend

Does it tell you how busy I am that I am finally posting about the weekend on Wednesday night? Ay yi yi! I can’t believe how much we fit into last weekend. Here’s how it all went down:

The besties arrived just before 10PM on Thursday evening. After nearly missing their flight thanks to a major snow storm in Denver, I was just happy to see them. We had lots to celebrate, so we headed to our favorite neighborhood bar for a beer.

Friday morning we woke up and walked the dog to the bagel shop for breakfast and fresh air. I could not believe how beautiful the weather has been here lately. It can stay like this forever!

After breakfast, it was time for WEDDING DRESS shopping! We went to a local salon with my mom and I tried on about 8 dresses. It was so fun! I loved having the girls here for this experience. I found two that I really liked.

To continue the food and beverage tour of Sacramento, we took the girls to another favorite spot – The Shack.

Saturday we went to San Francisco for MORE wedding dress shopping and found THE ONE! Obviously I can’t show you guys, but it is fabulous and can’t wait to show you in September! I always explained my dream dress as simple, but with a little something different. I didn’t really know what that meant, but now I do!

We had a nice long lunch in the city, complete with champagne before we went to have the girls try on bridesmaid dresses. We had already picked one out online we all liked, but the way a dress looks on a mannequin is much different than the way it looks in person. Luckily, they loved them and can buy them off the rack. They will get a few alterations to make it cuter, but that’s it!

By the time we got home, we were tired and hungry. Aaron served the ladies some wine before we went to Mexican food.

Super Bowl Sunday was another big day for DudeFood. I may or may not have accidentally set the alarm for 6PM instead of AM and almost made Aaron miss his appearance. Opps. But we made it and Aaron did amazing!

In the afternoon we had a bunch of friends over for a Super Bowl party and then I sadly had to take the girls to the airport. Luckily we are already planning our next visit – Bachelorette weekend!!! Is it August yet?


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