I’m not perfect. And that’s perfectly fine!

The other day I was talking to my bestie, Shelley, about how I had been a bad blogger and not posting regularly.  Part of it is because I have been super busy, but another reason is because I haven’t been practicing what I preach. Rather than ignore it, Shelley suggested I address it. None of us can be perfect all the time.

Sometimes I double fist milkshakes after eating a burger and fries (okay, one of those shakes was Aaron’s)

Sometimes I share a whole turkey with my Dad

Sometimes I pose for pictures with just a piece of Hula Pie (so fantastic – I can’t wait for Tahoe this summer for a slice!)

And sometimes I stay up until 3 in the morning playing blackjack with blends and taking pictures in the bathroom because we aren’t allowed to at the table!

I have heard other bloggers talk about this – that while a blogger may share a lot of his/her life, we still have the option of what to publish and what not to publish. This can lead to readers thinking the blogger is perfect and never has a bad day when it comes to healthy living. That is just BS! It isn’t possible.

When I was hanging out with Caitlin in Arizona, she made a statement while we were getting ready to head to the casino to play black jack and drink beer in goblets. She said, “I can be unhealthy tipping point, too.”  It is all about moderation. I’m not perfect. And I’m perfectly fine with that.

But moderation is easier said than done – at least for me. When it comes to fitness and nutrition, I tend to lean toward an all-or-nothing style. Because I have so much experience training for races, working out casually doesn’t work for me. But I don’t want to be in training 365 days a year, so this is something I need to work on.

I am trying to shift my thinking from “All or Nothing” to “Something is Better Than Nothing”. Take yesterday for example – I slept through my alarm (darn!) and didn’t have a chance to workout before work. I brought my running clothes to work thinking I might run during lunch (ha!) but that didn’t happen. When I got home and it wasn’t raining and still kind of light out, I decided to go for a short run. I laced up, grabbed Cash and we went for a 2 mile run. Normally I would think 2 miles wasn’t worth the trouble, but it felt great to get some fresh air, the dog had a blast and it was 2 miles more than I would have ran otherwise. Success!

So far this week I have ran 9 miles
Tuesday: 4 mile interval run
Wednesday: 2 miles easy
Thursday: 3 mile tempo run (.5 mile warm up – 2 miles @ 8:27 – .5 mile cool down)

Nervous and excited for tackling 7 miles this weekend – my longest run by far since the marathon.

Are you perfect? What areas do you struggle with and how do you deal with them?


One thought on “I’m not perfect. And that’s perfectly fine!

  1. Jesse says:

    great post! i struggle with my eating ALL THE TIME. i have really good days & weeks then really, really bad days/weeks. i really try to look at all food as fuel and eat not-so-healthy things in moderation but i’m really just not good at it, although i am trying. i read healthytippingpoint.com and i think its awesome that you got to hang out with caitlin.

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