I haven’t even had time to write about the exciting project I have been working on at work –   ART ON F1RST.

ART ON F1RST will bring art into the downtown community and infuse First Street with a fun, artsy vibe. Launching at the end of February, ART ON F1RST will give 20 Bay Area artists the opportunity to create a one-of-a-kind art installation. In partnership with the Napa Property Based Improvement District and The City of Napa Tourism Improvement District, the contemporary artwork will be on display for eight months along Downtown Napa’s up-and-coming First Street. Longtime residents and first time tourists alike are invited to admire the art in the windows and are encouraged to a cast a vote for their favorite piece using their smartphone.

“ART ON F1RST will bring art and new life to First Street,” said Sara Brooks General Manager, Napa River Inn and Historic Napa Mill. “We, along with the rest of the city are ready to embrace this concept and hope that many will come downtown to enjoy the art, the restaurants and everything else that Downtown Napa has to offer.”

First Fridays, held monthly, will give residents and visitors a chance to step out on the town and cruise the fresh and growing local art scene. Each will feature a unique piece of art created by a local artist and utilize social media tools to distribute clues for an art scavenger hunt to find the piece.

A reception to kick off ART ON F1RST was held on Friday, February 25th at the Gordon Huether Gallery in Napa and I was on hand to make sure everything went off without a hitch.  I have been living and breathing Napa and ART ON F1RST for the past few months and it was wonderful to see everyone’s hard work on display.

We had a fantastic night and got to let loose a little bit because we had a fantastic room at The Napa River Inn!


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