Giving Up

Are you giving anything up for Lent? I was raised Catholic, and while I am no longer a practicing Catholic, I still like to participate in Lent. I see it as a challenge and way to push myself. Some years I add something, sometimes I take things away.  In the past I have given up things like:

–          My credit card (in college)
–          Adding salt to food (I heart salt!)
–          Coffee

Last year I didn’t give anything up, but participated in Meat Free Monday during Lent. So I guess I gave up meat on Mondays.

This year I toyed around with a few things like alcohol (I always seem to contemplate that one but never do it), desserts and sweets and meat.  Alcohol just didn’t seem realistic.  We have out engagement party in a couple weeks and I just like having a glass of wine on the weekends. I decided to go with sweets, but this morning decided to go with MEAT!

I will be going vegetarian for 46 days until Easter. I am also going to try to limit sweets because lately I have been dipping into the office candy drawer which is never a good thing. I don’t think going vegetarian for 40+ days will be too hard as long as I don’t forget and accidentally slip up. I usually eat vegetarian the whole day until dinner, so we will just have to get a little creative in the kitchen cooking meals for one meat eater and one non meat eater.

I gave up all meat except fish for 30 days a couple years ago and really liked it. We will see how this goes. Are you giving anything up?


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