Meals to Please Everyone

Since I am not eating meat, dinner time poses the challenge of cooking meals that work for a meat eater and a non meat eater. While cooking two separate meals isn’t the end of the world, we have been trying to make meals this week that can be easily adjusted to fit both our needs.  So far we have been successful, so I wanted to share some meal ideas that can accommodate vegetarian and meat eaters.

Tacos: All the fixings are the same, other than the addition of animal protein. Aaron had fish, and I had sauteed mushrooms, zucchini and roasted corn. We both were able to enjoy the cheese, sour cream, avocado and cilantro. I was a huge fan of the veggie tacos and will be repeated these!

Paninis: Similar to tacos, DIY meals like paninis are perfect for different dietary needs.  Everyone can pick and choose their toppings.  We did this once before when I was participating in Meat Free Monday.

Stir Fry: Cook meat or shrimp separate and add it to the rice and veggies for the meat eater in the family. The vegetarian can just have the rice and veggies.

Burgers: Keeping both veggie burgers and turkey burgers in the freezer is going to be essential for this period. They are quick, go-to meals we can easily make without any extra work.

Enchiladas: Similar to tacos, fill half the pan of enchiladas with veggies, corn, black beans and the other half with ground turkey, shredded chicken or beef.  Everyone gets to enjoy the sauce and cheese!

What are your favorite vegetarian dishes?  I need ideas!!



2 thoughts on “Meals to Please Everyone

  1. meme says:

    Remember, Lent is 40 days—Sundays are the exception so Sun can be a one meal dinner for you and yoir meat eater!!!

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