No Corned Beef for Me

Happy belated St. Patty’s Day! I am finally feeling back to normal after 2 full weeks of being sick.  I hate being sick. It doesn’t happen very often, and when it does, it takes a toll.

Yesterday was St. Patrick’s Day. I got in the spirit by wearing green and participating in a fun office lunch and potato decorating contest. What do you think about our Irish surfer chick?

We typically try to avoid the bar scene on holidays like St. Patrick’s Day. It seems like all the idiots come out to play on those nights. Between the thought of drunk college kids getting in bar fights, and the fact I have been sick, we planned a relaxing night in.

Aaron spent the day cooking corned beef, but since I am not eating meat there was no corned beef for me. It felt weird to eat ravioli and drink wine on St. Patrick’s Day, but it did the trick!

This morning I made it to yoga at One Flow Yoga and it felt incredible! Hard, but good!

St. Patrick’s Day also marked the 6 month mark until our wedding! Things are coming along. Save the Dates went out this week, so it is really official now!

Our engagement party is next Saturday and I am really excited about that.  I feel kind of weird having all the attention on us, but I guess I need to get over that and just enjoy it!



One thought on “No Corned Beef for Me

  1. meme says:

    I can remember being able to eat corned beef if St. Pat’s was a Friday during Lent……Too many Irish priests so they made it “an exception”. Guess too late for you…..

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