Christmas Kettlebell

I have been talking about doing Kettlebell training for years now.  Saturday Aaron and I went to Sports Authority armed with a gift card from the bestie Shelley from Christmas.  We originally went in for a foam roller, but they didn’t have the ones we were looking for.  Then I saw it – 20% kettlebells! Normally I see kettlebells packaged with DVDs and lots of other goodies that basically just make them more expensive.  When I saw JUST bells, I was so happy.

We walked away with a 15 pound kettlebell.  Thanks Shell!

Monday morning I rode my indoor trainer for 25 sweaty minutes and then did a quick 10 minute kettlebell routine just to get used it the bell.  Here are some moves from Women’s Health Magazine that I gave a shot.

I am excited to try some new fun routines and get ripped like the guys in 300! Haha.


One thought on “Christmas Kettlebell

  1. I think I need one of these! 🙂

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