Adventures in Napa Continue

I spent the last couple days in my second home – Napa!  A client I work very closely with is the Napa Tourism Improvement District and Downtown Napa.  We are rebranding Downtown Napa and creating a new, awesome website.  We are also helping with lots of great events around town. Friday was an urban scavenger hunt around Napa as part of ART ON F1RST.Participants received clues through Facebook and Twitter leading them around Downtown to different locations to collect additional clues and eventually to a hidden piece of art by a local artist.  Everyone had an excellent time and we received rave reviews! Can’t wait for next month’s event!

The day before, I tagged along with a press tour that was checking out all that Downtown Napa has to offer.  I started the day off with a little sneak peek of the new Downtown Napa brand. Here’s a little peek at the new logo for you:

Pretty, huh?

After my boring informative presentation, we headed out on George Webber’s historic walking tour. George is informative, entertaining and a wealth of knowledge.

After walking all over town, we hit up Oxbow Market for lunch.  I had the most delicious white bean taco and salad from C Casa.

It was quite a couple of days!!


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