Backyard Bootcamp

This morning Aaron, Cash and I completed a backyard bootcamp workout.  Well, it wasn’t really in our backyard, but it is was in the park down the street.

We walked .7 miles to the park and then did drills for about 45 minutes before walking back home.  Here’s a look at what we did:

– High knees
– Butt kicks
– Side shuffle
– Grapevine
– Running backwards
– Sprints
– Hill running
– Step-ups on bench
– Lateral jumps on bench
– Tricep dips on bench
– Push ups and sit ups

Total we covered just under 3 miles. It was a really tough workout and fun to mix it up.  Chas had a blast and was showing off by giving us a head start and beating us every time. That dog can run!

We are going to try to do this bootcamp – style workout once a week to mix things up. Any favorite bootcamp drills we should know about? I am going to research some more drills so we keep it fresh. We even talked about bringing the kettlebell, weights and resistance bands!


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