Holy Food Trucks

Wow. What a surprise today’s adventure turned out to be. We have been planning for months to attend Sacto MoFo, a mobile food truck event trying to change current policies and regulations that only allow food trucks to park in one spot for 30 minutes at a time.

Food trucks are a huge trend and we absolutely love the idea of innovative food being served on the road. We knew the event would be crowded, but had no idea what we were in store for.

The lines were INSANE! People were waiting up to 2 hours for food.  We knew immediately that we were not going to wait that long for food.

I was bummed we couldn’t get food, but glad we made an appearance and so happy they had such a good turn out. Rock on food trucks! We checked out all the trucks and decided to head out to a sure bet.

One of our favorites – The Shack! Perfect weather, cold beer and yummy food. Perfect Saturday afternoon.


4 thoughts on “Holy Food Trucks

  1. meme says:

    Rode bike right by The Shack yesterday and today on way to and from noon meeting!!!!!

  2. THE SHACK! Love it, good choice. Bummer the lines were so long. Reminds me of this post from Anger Burger about banh mi from Nom Nom: http://www.angerburger.com/2011/04/dog-in-a-bra/

  3. Sorry, actually meant this post from Anger Burger about the Grilled Cheese Truck, only because of the long lines: http://www.angerburger.com/2011/02/grilled-cheese-truck-los-angeles/

  4. […] let down – Mobile Food Truck Meet Up.  We knew it would be busy, but not 3 hour lines.  We got out of there as fast we could and […]

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