Moo-nlight Half Marathon Training

I have decided I want to sign up for the Davis Moo-nlight Half Marathon taking place on July 16th. It always helps me to stay on track when I have something to train for.  As much as I wish fitting into my wedding dress was enough motivation on its own, I know that nothing motivates me more than a race.

The plan is to actually train for this race and hopefully run my second sub-2:00 half marathon. As training progresses, I will adjust my goals as well as my training plan, but here is what I am thinking so far: NOTE: Click on the images to see a bigger shot.

  • I am planning to run 3 days a week – 1 easy run, 1 speedwork/temp run day, and one long run day.
  • I am planning to build up to 14 miles, longer than I have for past half marathons
  • Aiming for 3 days of weights and cross training
  • Shooting for 1 day a week of yoga
  • I may try to do some of my long runs in the evening since the race start is at 7PM. Normally I struggle with runs later in the day, so I feel this is something I need to practice.

Do you have any tips for running in the evening? How do you fuel throughout the day?


One thought on “Moo-nlight Half Marathon Training

  1. janice says:

    After you shared the link, I convinced my husband to run it with me. Even got a co-worker in on the action! I’m with you on evening runs. Good idea to do some training runs later in the day. I’m still working on getting my mileage back up so this will be a good goal. Good luck with training!

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