You Can Call Me Serena

Aaron and I are trying to incorporate new things into our fitness routine.  Going to the gym everyday can get old, so we have been taking advantage of Spring finally arriving and getting outside and trying new things. Last week we did our own bootcamp and ran the stairs of death.

This morning we tried – TENNIS! The park down the street from our house has two tennis courts and we have been planning to play since we moved here. Neither of us play tennis or know how, but we had a great time.

We even made a game out of how bad we were.  Anytime you hit the ball over the fence, you had to sprint to go get the ball and then do 10 push ups when you got back. I did a total of 20 push ups and Aaron did 10. 🙂

We played for about an hour and worked up a good sweat – mostly from chasing balls around the court (that’s what she said).


2 thoughts on “You Can Call Me Serena

  1. bridgette says:

    I’ve been meaning to take up tennis again too…but I decided on badminton because the gear is cheaper!. Yes, I said badminton.

  2. Good for you guys! Love you in your pink skirt. Love that you and Aaron made a game out of hitting balls over the fence and incorporated some exercise into it – you’re so cute.

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