New Shoes

I think I may have finally found shoes that are right for me.

My shoe history is turbulent.  Before I got serious about running, I thought running or gym shoes just needed to be cute. It didn’t matter what type of shoe it was, how old it was, as long as it was in one piece, I was good to to go.

When I started training for my first triathlon over 4 years ago, I learned how important shoes can be. When I started running more and further distances, I could immediately tell when I needed new shoes by the way my legs would feel after a run.

I learned to love Asics and they became my go-to brand for running shoes. But I was never professional fitted for shoes until last year. And guess what? I was fit totally wrong. AND I ran my marathon in those shoes. They were too big, not the right type of shoe and didn’t have the support I needed.  I figured the ginormous size was fine since I didn’t get any blisters during training or the marathon, but I have totally worn down the back of the shoe from my feet slipping around.

I need a neutral shoe but I have a very high arch. My fabulous shoe sale-gal, Kristy (who worked with our friends’ mom at another job), totally hooked me up.  She knew what I needed for the running I do and put me in 4 different shoes that were all great options.

The Nike Pegasus shoes felt great, even compared to my favorite brand.  I haven’t worn Nikes for year because I never felt they fit me right. But this shoe felt great. Kristy also set me up with some inserts for arch support and I cannot wait to go for a run in my new shoes!

The best part? The Pegasus has been around and in production for something like 26 years. So if this shoe works out, hopefully it won’t disappear.


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