My Kind of DIY

I try not to post too much wedding stuff here, but I get so excited about wedding planning sometimes and I know Aaron can only handle so much.

Are you DIY-savvy?  I think I can come up with some creative and unique ideas, but when I try to make them come to fruition, they flop.  I think I just don’t have the patience or true design skills to make it happen. So my form of DIY is Delegate It Yourself. I am taking on minimal Do It Yourself projects and sticking to projects that include printing, cutting, gluing, tying and things like that.

Otherwise I use my real skill – research – and scour the internet for the best vendors, ideas and designers.

My friend Jessica designed our invitations and stationary and I can’t wait to get a sample in the mail in the next week or so!

Other places I go for DIY help:

Etsy – I have already ordered three things for the wedding from Etsy and have more purchases planned.  I have had nothing but fabulous experiences with the sellers I have worked with. Even though the purchases were not big ($30 max), the designers were willing to do whatever it took to get the items perfect.  I really appreciate that!

Style Me Pretty – the ultimate wedding blog! Endless amounts of inspiration and some easy DIY how-tos and templates.

I am trying to keep my feet on the ground and choose a select number of DIY projects and leave the rest to the professionals. Like these adorable matchbooks:


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