What Would You Do?

What would you do with 1/4 pound of turkey? Make a burger? But then what if you wanted to make something to share with someone else?  I’ve got the solution for you – these fantastic lettuce wraps I made today!

My kitchen budget tip for the day: learn to stretch meat over multiple meals.

One of our Costco staples is a four pack of ground turkey. We throw it in the freezer because it is so versatile.  They also have a TON of turkey in them – more than the packages at the grocery store. So, Monday I made taco salad with the ground turkey and before cooking, saved a little bit for tonight’s dinner.

Who knew, a tiny amount of ground turkey could turn into this huge pan full of goodness!

I browned the turkey, added mushrooms, onion, garlic, shredded carrots and my new favorite Trader Joe’s item:

This package of stir fry veggies is fantastic! It has everything you need all in one bag!

Once everything cooked together, I added about 1 cup of cooked brown rice, fresh cilantro, soy sauce, sesame oil, chili garlic paste, powdered ginger and a splash of rice vinegar.

In lettuce cups, with the easiest and tastiest dipping sauce

Soy sauce
Sesame oil
Rice vinegar
Chili garlic paste
Powdered ginger
Fresh cilantro

A perfect summer meal


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