The Values Project

Last night I got to get my hands dirty and do something good. I was able to participate in the Values ProjectThe Values Project is a new, public art project in Napa, CA that stimulates dialogue and thought by stenciling basic human values in unexpected places in the public sphere: in front of parking spaces in parking lots.

Peter Hassen is the genius behind the project.

“The Values Project is good for Napa because it is a high-profile, low-cost and feel-good positive message project.”Peter Hassen, Artist

I met Peter and his lovely wife, Louisa, at an ARTONF1RST event a couple months ago. When I heard about what he was doing, I knew I had to be a part of it.  Last night we painted 7 words in an elementary school parking lot:

Patience, Kindness, Charity, Tolerance, Courage, Community, Respect


One thought on “The Values Project

  1. bridgette says:

    I like this idea! It’s amazing the difference an environment makes in students’ attitudes.

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