Well, We Tried…

We had BIG plans this weekend for 3 nights of camping in the woods with our friends.  We had been checking the weather reports religiously for the past few weeks, and while it wasn’t going to be ideal tanning and boating weather, it looked like it was going to be dry. Do you sense any foreshadowing here?

We headed up the hill midday on Friday got camp set up.  We had a great time hanging by the lake, having a fire, grilling dinner and drinking beers. And look, our friends got us a new tent as an early wedding present!

It is huge! And Aaron can stand up in it!  Friday night was COLD, but we made it through and woke up to sunny skies on Saturday morning. The clouds came and went all day until it turned to this:

We tried to tough it out, but the rain kept coming down harder and harder and was scheduled to stick around until 10AM Sunday.  With temps dropping into the 30s overnight, it just wasn’t the way we wanted to spend Memorial Day. So, we all packed up camp like it was going out of style, and cut our long weekend WAY short.

While we are bummed to miss out on two days of camping, it is nice to be home, dry and warm. And showered!  Cash had a blast while we were there and was a very good doggie.  He is pooped, and so are we.  Look how cute!

Here are more pics from the weekend.  Now we need to figure out what to do with the rest of our weekend. What are you up to?

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3 thoughts on “Well, We Tried…

  1. I’m chilly just looking at your photos. Bummer that you had to cut the trip short but that just means you have to take that new tent out for another spin on another weekend.

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