Going for Time, Not Distance

Even after all these years of running, it amazes me how I still have to play tricks on myself to get through some runs.  My body could run miles and mile on autopilot, but my mind likes to trick my body into thinking it can’t.  So sometimes I have to get creative to get the run I want in.

This morning I set the goal of going for an hour long run. Not 6 miles, 1 hour.  The distance didn’t matter. If I wanted to take walk breaks, that was fine – I just wanted to move my body for an hour straight.

It is funny – once I gave myself permission to take walk breaks, I didn’t feel the need to walk.  I did a 30 minute out and back route which also is a good trick.  All you have to think about is running for 30 minutes.  Once you are there, you have to run home!

I wound up covering 5.9 miles in 60 minutes.  Knowing I could take walk breaks if I got tired made me run harder and faster in between!

Moral of the story – do whatever it takes to hit your goals and walking rules!


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