Who Needs Restaurants?

As much as we love to cook in our house, I definitely enjoy going out to eat and letting other people do the prep, cooking and cleaning.

In an attempt to save calories and money, Aaron and I have decided to cut back on eating out.  A couple weeks ago we were discussing how weekly trips to the taco shop, Greek take out and other dinners add up.  On a Friday night when we don’t feel like cooking, a $20 dinner at the taco shop doesn’t sound like that much. But add that to Saturday night’s Greek dinner for $25 and it adds up to almost a whole week’s worth of groceries.

So we decided to save up our dinners out for every other week and go somewhere nice and make a date night out of it. I would gladly trade 4 taco shop dinners for a $100 date night – wouldn’t you?

And why pay to go out when we can make tasty taco shop dinners at home?

Last night instead of regular turkey tacos, Aaron make crispy turkey tacos! It was a Saturday night, afterall. Ground turkey with onions, jalapenos, cumin and lime juice in a cripsy corn tortilla with salsa fresca (homemade), greek yogurt and cotija cheese!  With a side of black beans.  SO good!

And what about Sunday brunch? Head out to the diner?  Not us!  After I got back from a sweaty session at the gym, Aaron made these AMAZING waffles.

Can I just tell you how amazing these are?  Crispy and doughy with a salty surprise on the inside! That’s right – crispy bits of bacon cooked into the waffles.  With butter and powdered sugar, it was the perfect mix of salty and sweet! A runny egg on the side and a mimosa made it feel like an indulgent, expensive brunch at a restaurant – but I was in my pajamas.  YES – I went to the gym, came home, showered and put PJs back on! It’s Sunday!

Happy Sunday!!!


One thought on “Who Needs Restaurants?

  1. Let’s change favors from the boys – Mike will wash and wax your car, Aaron can make me restaurant meals. Yummy. That bacon waffle has me drooling.

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