It’s Finally Summer!

After a spring filled with unseasonable rain and cold, summer in Sacramento has arrived!

Check it – 90s!  Sacramento really is perfect when the weather is in the 80s and it cools off at night. But, the last couple days have been in the 90s with no breeze, which makes it a little hot for my liking. But I am not complaining – I will take hot and sunny over comfortable and cloudy/rainy.

To kick off summer, we headed to Pops in the Park this past weekend. Every Saturday in June means free concerts in a different park in East Sacramento. It is a fun community event where people of all ages gather. Saturday’s location was the park just down the street from our house, so we packed up our chairs, blanket, wine, beer and snacks and walked down to the park.  We brought some friends with us who were in town for the day checking out places to live because they are moving here in a few weeks. I think we made them fall in love with our neighborhood!

The park was packed!  We had a great time and enjoyed finally being able to be outside on a summer evening.  To give you an idea of how crazy the weather has been, last weekend’s concert (June 4th) was canceled due to rain!


The warmer weather also means waking up earlier for runs. Yesterday morning I hit the road at 6:30 for a 4.2 mile run.

Wedding Update

Last week we finally got to visit our wedding venue in person.  The crazy weather has made it difficult to visit due to it being covered in snow and all. 🙂 It made me so excited!  It is seriously my dream location.  things should start getting busy with planning soon.  Friday marks the 3 month countdown and that makes me a little nervous.What do you think? Not a bad spot, huh?



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