Finally – Success!

After the weather messing up our Memorial Day Camping trip, we finally had success! This tip was planned totally last minute, but aren’t those some of the best ones anyway?  The middle of last week I got to thinking about 4th of July.  We didn’t have any plans other than our tradition of watching the big fireworks show from the park the night of the 4th. I was thinking about how fun it would be to go camping for the 4th and Aaron agreed.

Since camping is a popular 4th of July activity out here, the hunt began for a campground with availability. I did my online research thing and we found a couple campgrounds up in Sierra City on the Yuba River. I had never been there or heard of it, but Loganville looked like a pretty good option, so we booked it for two nights and started making our plans.

Aaron and I have minimal camping “gear” but we knew we could make it work.  We also have a small car, so even if we had a bunch of gear, we would have no way to transport it. We made our list, planned our meals (the most important part), packed strategically, and on Saturday loaded the dog up in the car and hit road for our adventure.

We arrived and were surprised that “check in” just meant “drive around until you find the campsite with your name on it.” With only 15 sites in the whole campground, it didn’t take long and we were happy to find that the sites were all fairly private and well spaced. We immediately got to work setting up our home away from home, and once the tent was erect, Aaron headed out to buy firewood.

We spent the afternoon exploring and found our way down to the river, which was flowing so fast, it was scary.  It was HOT, so we managed to find some places to dip our feet and heads in to cool off a bit.  Our dog who was afraid of water not too long ago had to be restrained from taking off into the rapid never to be seen again.

One thing we do not skimp on when we camp is the food.  For dinner the first night we had carne asade tacos with all the fixins, cooked right over the open flames. The second night we had grilled Italian sausages with grilled onions and pasta salad.  Breakfast was bacon, potatoes and eggs and bacon really does taste better cooked over an open flame! Plenty of snacks were consumed and of course, we never go camping without S’mores!

Day two of our adventure, we headed out to find a place along the river we could set up our chairs, enjoy the sun and relax.  We found a perfect spot at a nearby campground and we spent 4 hours soaking it all up before heading back to our site for more campfire, beer, wine, food and s’mores!

I am so happy Aaron and got away for the weekend.  It was really what I needed to recharge and forget about some of the BS going lately. No computer, no cell phones, no DVR – just us enjoying being together and having fun (like always).  Now, unfortunately, it’s back to reality.

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4 thoughts on “Finally – Success!

  1. meme says:

    I have done a hike in that area, but NEVER that much water! So smart you had my grandson on a teether!!! Bet it was cold cold cold water and he was sure napping soundly!

  2. Jessica says:

    Hi! I am from Sacramento as well and am looking for a place to go camping. What is the name of the campsite? Thanks!

  3. […] year, Aaron and I started a new tradition of camping for the 4th. We decided just a few days before the holiday to go camping for the weekend – just the 2 of […]

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