Balls in the Air

Do you ever feel like you are constantly busy but still don’t get anything done?  I like making list. I like crossing things off of the list even more.  You should see the insanely detailed to-do list I have for the wedding Or the minute by minute timeline I have for the day of the wedding.  Some might think it is a little extreme, but being organized is what keeps me sane.

Right now it feels like there are a million balls in the air. Things are in progress in all areas of my life, but nothing is quite ready to get crossed off. I am about to start adding “brush teeth” to my daily to do list just so I can be guaranteed to cross something off each day (hopefully).

To help maintain my sanity I have also been trying to be very consistent with exercise.  I have been working out about 6 days a week and it helps so much to sweat on a daily basis.  And yoga has been amazing.  I went to a Yin style Vinyasa class on Friday evening and it was a great way to end the week. The Yin class is the opposite of the standard, quicker paced Vinyasa classes and when I left I was so relaxed it felt like I had gotten a massage!

On Saturday I broke this puppy out and took her for a spin, too.

I hadn’t been on the bike for months and went for a lovely 14 mile ride Saturday morning after a 2 mile run with the dog.  I was hungry and totally tired the rest of the day, but it felt great! The weather has been amazing the last week and I wish it would stick around!

I can’t believe I haven’t blogged since 4th of July, and I am going to try to get back to posting more regularly!

I am starting a month of Bootcamp tomorrow that I purchased from Living Social, so I am sure I will have sore muscles to report back on – so stay tuned!  I signed up for 4 classes this week. Wish me luck!

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  2. […] morning I headed out for the same 14 mile ride I did two weeks ago. It was a perfect morning – still cool but I was plenty comfortable in my […]

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