Seriously Insane

Bootcamp this morning was seriously insane!  The hardest one yet.  If I don’t see results from this, I will be shocked!  This morning’s conditioning class was set up as a circuit like most of the classes appear to be. That means our heart rate stays up the entire time and we are all dripping sweat within minutes.  Here was today’s routine:

50 Kettlebell swings

40 Mountain climbers

30 Ball slams with medicine ball

20 Push ups

10 Pull ups

Run 1/2 mile

Sounds hard, right?  Now do it 5 TIMES IN A ROW!

Yeah – nuts, right?  That’s what I thought.  After 3 sets my legs were Jello and it felt like I was running in quick sand. In just over an hour, I did 250 kettlebell swings, 200 mountain climbers, 150 ball slams, 100 push ups, and 50 pull ups (FYI-these were assisted pull-ups using a resistance band).

I’m going to be sore!


3 thoughts on “Seriously Insane

  1. Miquel says:

    Hi. I was introduced to your blog several months ago. I enjoy your posts as they are well written and chalk full of good stuff. The bootcamp sounds challenging to say the least. How heavy/light did you go on the kettle ball and medicine ball? I think I’m going to have to try the circuit you described this weekend.

    Have a great day!

    • modernation says:

      Hi Miquel. I used different weight Ketllebells each time. Between 15 and 20 pounds. If you are going to purchase a kettlebell to use at home, I recommend a 15 pound one (depending on your strength level). I find it is the most versatile when you don’t have access to a gym full of different weights. 15 pounds gets heavy surprisingly fast! 🙂

  2. bridgette says:

    I thought that sounded hard, but then I was shocked to hear 5 times! OMG, those bootcamp style workouts are on acid!

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