The Best Things Come In Small Packages

I received a little package today that I have been eagerly anticipating.  The first time I fell in love with our wedding photographer was years ago when I saw his Super 8 video work on Style me Pretty.  I checked out his other work and proclaimed to by bestie, “Kevin WILL be my wedding photographer one day!”

We became Internet buds and last fall he graciously donated his time to photograph a charity race my other bestie organized for the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network which made me an even bigger fan of his.

While I love Super 8 and video in general, having still photos was a bigger priority and having Kevin do both just wasn’t in the budget.  I was so excited to book Kevin and just accepted that Super 8 wasn’t in the cards for our wedding.

Then I saw this video on a wedding blog and couldn’t believe it.  The bride said she shot it with a Zumi digital camera that shoots Super 8 style video on a digital camera.  That has to be too good to be true, right?  Wrong!

A couple clicks of the mouse later, I found it!


The teeny tiny camera from Japan shoots 8mm style stills and video in ten different color modes.  It shoots with or without sound, too.

Once we found it, I knew this would be a solution to our video dilemma.  We have a regular Flip video camera, too.  The plan is to record the ceremony (probably on a tripod) and then we will carry around the camera all night and shoot little snipets of video from our point of view, and also pass it around the crowd.

I had always thought of video as wedding “extra credit” but now I realize that having our ceremony and reception documented on video will have a much different impact years to come when we want to relive the happiest day of our lives.

The Zumi product isn’t as beautiful as Kevin’s Super 8 work, but I think it will give us the look we are going for and is a good compromise.

What are your thoughts on wedding videos?  A must, or “extra credit”?


One thought on “The Best Things Come In Small Packages

  1. bridgette says:

    I think of it as extra credit. I remember it in a certain way and sometimes I wonder if having the entire thing documented would change my perception of what was a perfect day. Plus, who wnats to see all of their relatives getting drunk all over again? I like your idea of just capturing certain moments and from your point of view. Good solution!

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