You Know You Don’t Ride Enough When…

You know you have been neglecting your bike when you look down during your ride and see nothing but cobwebs. In my defense, I actually rode two weeks ago, so the cobs must have been really busy making webs the last two weeks!

This morning I headed out for the same 14 mile ride I did two weeks ago. It was a perfect morning – still cool but I was plenty comfortable in my bike shorts and a tank.  I love how close we live to the bike trail and am embarrassed to say I don’t take advantage of it enough. My goal was to finish this ride faster than last time. I didn’t think it would be tough to beat 59 minutes since I wasn’t focused on speed or time on that ride.

Not only did I crush that time by 8 minutes, I even finished with a negative split.  I Hit my turnaround point at 26 minutes and finished at 51! My average speed was 15.7 MPH which is pretty fast for me!

On my ride I realized why I don’t ride as much as I would like or should.  My perception of cycling is that it takes so much more time, effort and preparation compared to running.   When I started riding, I quickly got used to 50, 70, and 100 mile rides.  Those rides involve lots of prep, packing snacks, mixing sports drinks and a whole or half day commitment. That is a lot more work than just slipping on the sneaks and hittin’ the road.

But all rides do not require that much time. This morning I ate half a banana, filled up my water bottle, slipped on my bike shorts, tank, socks and cleats, pumped up my tires, strapped on my helmet and gloves and was on my way. Not bad at all.

Now that my perception is changing, I hope to ride more often because I really do love to ride and some days I am just too sore after bootcamp to run!


One thought on “You Know You Don’t Ride Enough When…

  1. On the other hand, you know you have been cycling TOO much when you start complaining about how uncomfortable your office chair is and wished it was more like a bike saddle!

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