Target – Gluten-Free Mecca

Last night I went to Target to pick up a few things I needed for camping this weekend.  As I was browsing the snack aisles, I saw an entire section of Gluten Free snacks. The size of this area was as big, if not bigger, than at the local Whole Foods. I was so impressed. Way to go, Target!

Crackers, cookies, pasta, baking mix. Things were well labeled and the options were plentiful.  So far, I haven’t spent much time seeking out gluten-free alternatives to conventional foods. Since this was just an experiment to see how I felt, I didn’t want to invest much money into it. Now that I know I am sensitive to gluten, it is time to start looking for a few alternatives.

Yesterday I picked up Brown rice pasta, Mary’s Gone Crackers crackers, Food Should Taste Good sweet potato chips and Sabra red pepper hummus (which is now gluten free).  I was shocked to read hummus labels and see wheat on the ingredient lists.  Good thing I like my homemade variety.

I also bought some Gluten Free beer – Redbridge.  Not the best, but a good option when I just have to have a beer!

I have already tried Udi’s Gluten Free Bread.  I enjoyed the taste and texture, but the tiny slices and steep price are tough to swallow.

After some research, I found The Gluten Free Shop on Amazon. Pizza dough mix, waffle mix (I have to have my bacon waffles), oatmeal, flour, bread mix, quinoa pasta, you name it. And pretty good prices, too.  Here’s hoping we get the KitchenAid Stand Mixer for our wedding and I can whip up pizza dough and bread and everything will be peachy.

Do you have any gluten free favorites? I don’t plan to go crazy with buying gluten-free packaged products. I prefer to eat whole foods and just adjust my food choices accordingly, but a few options will be nice to have.


One thought on “Target – Gluten-Free Mecca

  1. same hear I like the Udi’s bread so far

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