Productive Friday

As hard as waking up for a 6:30 conference call is every Friday is, it starts Friday off on a productive note.  By the time I am usually getting work started, I am already hours in.  And those few early morning hours are my most productive.

I hadn’t been on a Friday morning call for a couple weeks thanks to the wedding and honeymoon, so today I went gang busters all day with productivity.

I took a mid-morning break to join my boys at the park for a family walk. We drove to a nearby park to change things up a little bit. I am hoping we make this a new tradition on Fridays when the weather is decent. Cash was so excited to see so many people, dogs and sniff to his heart’s content. You’d think he had never been outside before. We walked 2.4 miles.

In addition to working the rest of the afternoon, I helped Aaron organize some of our newly acquired kitchen gadgets.  We bought a very useful 5-tier shelf from Target and it fits in a little nook in our kitchen.  The hope is that having all this equipment organized and readily available will encourage us to use it.

This shelving unit will come in handy for a long time.  Even if it doesn’t fit in future kitchens, it will work great in an office or garage. Do you see some of the awesome goodies on there?  The Kitchen Aide mixer is very exciting. And on the bottom shelf is an 8-bottle wine fridge! Now we just have to figure out how to keep a stock pile of wine. We normally buy it, drink it, do it again.

The next/ongoing project is my office.  Since it was also our wedding storage room, it is in a bit of a transition period. And I would LOVE a new desk – mine gets me by, but just isn’t that functional.



One thought on “Productive Friday

  1. Love that shelf! We have a similar one that we use in the garage so you’re totally correct that they’re multi-functional.

    So excited for your love affair with the Kitchen Aide mixer to begin!

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