Be Nice in November

Wow – November! I truly can’t believe it. Where has 2011 gone?

I started November off right with a trip to the gym.  So glad I picked the gym over running outside because it was WINDY today.  Running in the wind is so frustrating. I got nice and sweaty on the stairmaster (my go to when I want a real sweat session) and then did this quick circuit (I did two sets of each):

  • Kettlebell swings with 20 lb KB
  • Ab twists with 10 lb medicine ball
  • Cable chest fly
  • Cable lat pulldown
  • Triceps with rope machine
  • Bicep curls
  • Back fly
  • Back extensions

Be Nice In November

When I left the gym and told the guy at the front desk to have a great day he acted super shocked and his reaction made me think – people need to be nicer! The guy at the front desk should not be surprised when people tell him to have a nice day – he should hear it all the time. It shocks me that people are in such a hurry that they can’t make simple gestures that should be considered common courtesy.

So this is my plea to slow down in November and be nice to people – you would be surprised how far simple gestures can go. Some ideas:

  • Help the older lady at the supermarket put her bags in her car (I did this on Monday and she almost keeled over she was so happy)
  • Give up your seat at the doctor’s office, on the bus or train to someone older than you – respect your elders
  • Hang up your phone while you are checking out at the grocery store (this is one of my pet peeves – so rude!)
  • Say hello, thank you, have a nice day, etc. to people you might normally not
  • Pay the toll for the car behind you (one of my favorite pay it forward acts)
  • Buy a coffee for a stranger at Starbucks and make someone’s morning
  • Let the person behind you at the grocery store with only a couple items cut in line

Just be nice, people! What ideas do you have for easy ways to be nice this month?


2 thoughts on “Be Nice in November

  1. meme says:

    Try to be kind most of the time but am going to try much harder in Nov. Helping w/groceries is great idea. Something I learned from a friend…park near a cart left out in parking lot and return it to store. RAK…no one needs to know.

  2. meme says:

    Great inspiration…smiling so much my face hurts from easy to say HI smile Nod and smile to garbage collector this a m…watched Hungry race…miss you and so loved blog…thanks for including moi

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