November Goals

I have been really struggling with motivation to get up and off the couch and get my fitness on.  So, time to set some goals.  I have the marathon relay coming up on December 4th, so lot of those goals will be around training for that, but really I just want to get back on track and get a routine going so I can stay focused through the busy holiday season.  Here are my goals for November:

  • Try new gluten free recipes – I want to try to make something in the Kitchen Aid. Maybe pizza dough? I miss pizza.
  • Build up to holding a plank for 2 minutes. Since I sit at a desk all day for work, my core gets super weak. And I am notoriously bad at core work.
  • Juice more.  I got super lazy with juicing the last couple months but I love the way it makes me feel. And with cold and flu season around the corner, it will help keep me healthy (especially since I am with 15 kiddos twice a week. Kids = germs!)
  • Go to yoga once a week. There is nothing better on a cold rainy day than a warm yoga studio.
  • Strength train 3 times a week. Even if one of those is an at-home session.
  • Run, run, run. One 6-8 mile run, speed work. I want to kick that relay leg’s butt!

Whew – that’s a lot.  I better get to work!


2 thoughts on “November Goals

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  2. […] of my November Goals is to hold a plank for 2 minutes. I always ignore core work even though I know how important it […]

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