In Your Face Motivation

Does anyone else have the same problem as me? Do you have a collection of race bibs and medals just waiting to be put on display? For years I have said I was going to do something with my race bibs (a collage or something like that), but never have.  Most of them ever still have the safety pins in them.

So for right now, I have them on my magnet board in my office.  It provides me some in-your-face-motivation to remember all those races I have completed.

And last year for Christmas Aaron got me this AWESOME medal display:

Both displays are in my office and help me feel accomplished even on the most un-productive or stressful work days.

I really want to do something cool with my race bibs.  A framed collage would be great, but what about:

A duffle bag:

Or this cute display? This would great for being able to add more bibs in the future and to display whichever was my favorite of the day.


What about coasters?

Any brilliant ideas for what to do with race bibs?



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