Gluten Free Pizza Dough

Time to check one of my November goals off my list – Gluten Free Pizza Dough.

I really love pizza. Before I went gluten free, pizza was in our regular dinner rotation.  Trader Joes has really great, fresh pizza dough that I would definitely recommend if you DO eat gluten. Since I haven’t found any substitutes I was will to try, I have not had pizza since before 4th of July.  We had really yummy (looking) wood-fired pizza at our wedding and I didn’t even have any of that! So sad!

I did some recipe research and most of them called for several different types of flour.  While scouring the shelves of Whole Foods for potato flakes, sorghum flour, etc., I came across Bob’s Red Mill GF Pizza Dough mix. It was on sale for something like $3.59, so I figured we would give that a shot to start. The directions seemed easy, so I went for it.

All you need is eggs, olive oil and warm water. The package comes with a little pack of yeast, so everything else we already had on hand.

The most exciting part? Getting to break this bad boy in:

I didn’t even care if the pizza dough was a flop as long as I got to take the KA for a spin.

All you do is combine the yeast and warm water, let it sit. Then add the eggs and oil. Mix again.  Add the mix and spin until mixed.  Cover with plastic wrap and let rise.  Good to go!

We went with one of our favorite pizza combos – sauteed peppers, onion and chicken Italian sausage. I threw in some spinach for good measure, too.

Par-baked the dough before adding the toppings and plenty of cheese!

The results? The texture of the raw dough was definitely different than I have worked with before. It was fluffier and not as elastic.  That makes sense because gluten is what gives pizza dough its elasticity. There is no rolling or stretching this dough – just smushing as thin as possible on an oiled cookie sheet.

The flavor was great – I seasoned the dough with salt, pepper and dried herbs before baking.  I should have cooked the dough longer when I par-cooked it.  It wasn’t as crispy as we like, but it still worked.

Welcome back to our meal plan, PIZZA! Happy to have you back!


2 thoughts on “Gluten Free Pizza Dough

  1. Mmm, that pizza looks delicious! Glad you can add it back into the menu rotation. And for the record, the pizza at your wedding was yumsville.

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