2011 Holiday Gift Guide

Last year and in 2009 I wrote about some gift ideas for the health-nut in your life.  All of last year’s items are still high on my list, so check that post out for even more ideas. I thought I would repeat the series this year.  Some of these products are ones I have and use and love, and others are ones I want or think other people would like.  Hope you enjoy!

Water Bobble:  Do you find that when you travel you hardly drink any water? Between TSA liquid regulation and the lack of quality filtered water on the road, I always slack on my water intake.  And traveling is when you need it the most! Rather than buying your weight in bottle water, these Water Bobbles are great.  They have several different sizes and they have a built in filter.  Nasty hotel bathroom faucet water is magically turned into clean filtered water.  I have the 32oz. size and my only complaint is it makes a weird hissing sound after every sip, but you get used to that.  The filters are good for something like 300 bottles, so they save a ton of money and the environment if you buy a lot of bottled water.  I got mine at Target, or you can order them online.

Nutrition Supplies
As a runner and cyclist there is nothing worse than getting ready to go on a long run or ride and finding you used your last Gu or Sports Drink and forgot to restock.  You will make the athlete in your life smile when you fill their stockings with Gu and Drink Powder.  My favorite are Espresso flavored Hammer Gels and lemon lime HEED sports drink.  And the individual sports drink packets are my favorite for travel and pre-measured servings.

Vibram Five Fingers: For me, these fall into that perfect gift category of something I would probably not buy for myself but would like.  I have had my eye on these for a long time. I know they look ridiculous and I probably wouldn’t run more than a couple miles in them, but I think they would be a nice break for my feet from bulky running shoes, and provide more support than ballet flats and flip flops. Plus, the benefits are pretty appealing.

Race Bib Display:  Last year I mentioned the race medal display (which Aaron bought me), but what about race bibs?   These are some options to the traditional framed collage.


Compression Gear:  I have such a hard time splurging on race entries and new gear.  Once I do, the investment is always worth it, but it feels selfish to spend money on something that is just for me. I have been interested in compression socks, sleeves and pants for sometime as I have read a lot about the benefits and recovering from long runs.  If you know someone who is training for a marathon or half marathon, I think they would love these.

Toe Warmers: If you know a cyclist who doesn’t have toe warmers, get them these.  They make such a difference on windy or cold rides.  No more frozen toes!

Dog-Friendly Running Gear: I love running with Cash but sometimes it can be cumbersome – and dangerous. When I take him down to the trails by the river and he gets to run off leash, it is best for both of us – but then I have to run with a bulky leash in my hand. It’s not a big deal, but then I saw this in Runner’s World:

MyRadDog Collar + Leash in One = Release N Run
 Just pull the handle when you want to extend the leash, and let go when you want the leash to retract into the collar.

Or the Hands-Free Leash with Running Belt:  This option looks awesome.  I little fanny pack addition to hold a key, mp3 player and doggie bags.

Lululemon Speedy Hat:  This cute hat has a little zipper pocket for a key, money or ID!

Nordic Track 3 in 1 Foam Roller:  How cool is this?  Two different density foam rollers, plus a massage stick.  And they all nest inside each other!

Ice Pants:  These are expensive, but are pretty awesome.  Total recovery pants.  Compression material that also has little pockets for ice packs.  No more ice baths!  Although, I don’t think anything can be as effective (and painful) as ice baths. These would be great if you had a long drive after a race or didn’t have access to a bath right away.  They also have knee sleeves and other variations to suit your compression and icing needs.

So, which ones are highest on my list this year?

  • The hands-free dog leash and running belt
  • Compression calf sleeves
  • Race bib display or coasters
  • Vibrams



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