Race Repeats

The other day I was thinking about the Thanksgiving run I am doing tomorrow.  This is probably the 10th time I have done this race.  It is a tradition.  I started in High School when I did it with a couple girlfriends.  The highlight for us that year was the free Krispy Kreme donuts at the end (they had just opened the first KK in Sacramento).  Then I started walking the 5K every year with my mom.

Last year was the first year I did the 10K since it made the most sense due to marathon training.  This year I am once again doing the 10K.  I have the marathon relay coming up next weekend and I want to make sure I get in a 10K before.  I have been running only 3-4 miles at a time, so one 6 mile run before the relay will be good.

While I was thinking about this annual tradition, I realized The Run to Feed The Hungry is the only race I have repeated.  I know a lot of people have certain races they repeat every year, but for some reason I don’t.  I like new challenges and new courses.

I am planning to run the Sactown 10 Miler again in the spring, so maybe I am ending the streak of not repeating races.

Are you a race repeater, or are you one and one like me?



One thought on “Race Repeats

  1. meme says:

    Really out there???!!! Walked up a couple times to J st. Inspired by dedicated folks….think I will take a nice warm bath…gal working 54th said first rain in 28 yrs…..go figure


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