Getting Real(istic) in December

I have been contemplating my December goals for the past few days and kept having to remind myself how crazy December gets with the holidays.  So this month is all about being realistic and setting attainable goals.  I think eating healthy and exercising during this time of year is SO important.  The stress and hectic-ness of the holidays along with dark and gloomy weather can lead to getting down in the dumps quick. Good food and a good sweat session makes a huge difference.

Here are my small, attainable goals to stay healthy, happy and sane and also finish the month feeling accomplished no matter how many gluten free cookies or glasses of wine I drink:

  • Exercise more days than I don’t.  That works out to an average of 4 days a week which is totally doable.
  • Continue yoga once a week
  • Floss every night.  I am so bad about flossing.  It takes so little time and can even prevent heart disease!  So far, I have flossed every night this week.  The key for me is remembering to do it, so I leave the floss right next to my contact lens case so I see it while I am getting ready for bed.
  • Continue building core strength and building up to 2 minute plank.  There isn’t any particular reason I want to hold a plank for 2 minutes.  It is really just a goal to keep me focused.  Simply saying “do more core work” won’t cut it, so having that goal helps keep me on track.  This month I will be doing more “core training” to help reach that 2 minute goal. Just adding time to a plank doesn’t make my core stronger. I am going to do lots of other ab work and lower back work to strengthen everything, making it easier to hold a plank for longer.
  • Stretch and foam roll for 10 minutes every morning and every night.  Between the cold weather, running and sitting at my desk all day, my hips and shoulders have been extra tight lately.  I am going to dedicate 10 minuets every morning and every evening to stretching and foam rolling.  It is so easy to do while we are watching TV, but getting out from under the snuggly blanket always seems too difficult.  My timer will be set and I will do this! Hopefully it will be a habit I keep up in 2012.

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