You Should Put That on Pinterest

Today was all about decorating for Christmas.  Well – at least a little bit of the day was all about that.  It was SOO cold this morning that we started a fire right when we woke up.

Later in the morning I took a break from work and we took care of our decorations.  As Aaron said, it is really nice that our holiday decorations are confined to two boxes (and one of those is for the tree).  After not much more than an hour, the tree was up and decorated, the garland and stocking hung by the fire and the wreath was on the door.  Yesterday Aaron hung our Christmas lights, but we have been having some technical difficulties with those. 🙂

I grew up with a fresh tree every year, but I have got to tell you, I am a fake tree convert.  They look so good now and having the lights already on it is huge!

And then I did some DIY.  As much DIY as I can handle.  We have these awesome hurricane vases/candleholders from our wedding that I never know what to do with.  The small one is filled with wine corks and the big just sits on our storage rack in the kitchen.  I had a brilliant idea to try to do something for the holidays with it.  We had some extra multi-colored Christmas lights, so I put them in the hurricane as filler and placed two large candles inside.

It is really simple and a five year old could do it, but it looks really nice at light.  Aaron said, “You should put that on Pinterest.”  I love that my husband knows about Pinterest!  He even said Etsy today, too!  That’s what happens when you plan a wedding I guess.

As I type we have a roaring fire going, the tree and mantel are lit up and my little craft project is twinkling on the dining room table. We went from zero to Christmas in one day and I love it.  Now I am ready to start shopping!


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