Girl Power

I am one proud GOTR Momma!

What an amazing morning.  The 5K is the big celebration of a season of hard work.  It is so great to see all of the girls from throughout the area and their families there to celebrate the girls and all their hard work.  Being a coach, I interact with my 15 girls twice a week, but it was so great to see all 211 girls from the council in one place.  And being on the board, we often don’t get to see the program in action (unless you are crazy like me and decide to coach AND be on the board).  We get caught up in numbers, logistics, rules and regulations. But that’s not what it is all about.

THIS is what it’s all about

and this

And most importantly, it’s about these smiles at the Finish Line

I got to run with two of the girls on our team as a running buddy.  I wasn’t planning to run, but am so glad I got the chance.  The girls did such an amazing job, stayed motivated and really pushed it at the end.  We finished in about 37 minutes or so, took a couple walk breaks, one break to peel off some layers and had a blast!  My girls were two 3rd graders, so it was their first 5K ever and I was so excited to run it by their sides.

Monday is our last day and we have a super fun celebration planned.  I can’t wait! And then it will all be over until January.  Haha – that time will fly by.


2 thoughts on “Girl Power

  1. bridgette says:

    OMg could they be any cuter? The SD chapter has their race tomorrow-can’t wait!

  2. […] ran the Shamrock Half Marathon, Sactown Ten Miler, Run to Feed the Hungry 10K, CIM Marathon Relay, Flapjack 5K. – Do more strength training. Pretty good.  It is nice being able to go to the gym after not […]

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