The Not-So-Obvious Benefit of Working From Home

It is no secret that I LOVE working from home.  I know some people can’t be productive working from home and need the structure of an office.  But I find I am more productive and get more done both for work and life.

There are the obvious perks:

  • It’s acceptable to work in sweat pants.
  • Having a flexible schedule means I can go to yoga during lunch, grocery shop mid-week and coach Girls on the Run.
  • I get to spend lots of time with my 3 favorite boys

But one, not so obvious perk that I was thinking about today is that I am not exposed to all the office germs! We’ve all been in the situation where someone comes to work when they are clearly sick.  Coughing everywhere, runny nose, sneezing.  The companies I have worked for in the past do not distinguish between vacation days and sick days which means a lot of people do not want to use their “vacation” days to stay home sick.  What happens is a vicious cycle of people getting each other sick.

Last year before the marathon I was so nervous about getting sick.  It was the start of cold and flu season and I was terrified to have to run a marathon sick.  I managed to stay healthy for the race, thank goodness. But I did run a half marathon a few months later with a head cold which was no fun.

I really believe that if employees are sick, they should have to stay home.  If they have the ability, they should have the option to work from home in order to not have to use vacation days.  And if they were forced to use vacation days, maybe people would put in extra effort to stay healthy!

Stay healthy!


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