Yoga Detox

Whew – what a way to welcome 2012!  Either the yoga studio was extra hot today, or I had a lot of junk to sweat out.  Maybe a combination of both? There were definitely a few more people in class today than normal.  Only time will tell if it is a January Joiners thing or just because today was a holiday for most.

It felt so good to kick off 2012 with a healthy start. It also felt good to sleep in (I got 10 hours) and to wake up hydrated and well rested. I even juiced today – its a New Year’s miracle!

How is your 2012 starting off? What healthy actions have you taken so far?

Looking back at December goals:

  • Exercise more days than I don’t.  That works out to an average of 4 days a week which is totally doable. SUCCESS.  I worked out 18 of the 31 days in December.  Very happy with that for December!
  • Continue yoga once a week. SUCCESS!
  • Floss every night.  SUCCESS!
  • Continue building core strength and building up to 2 minute plankEH – I did focus on my core in my gym workouts and my yoga studio does abs during each class.  But I didn’t really pay much attention to that elusive 2 minute plank.  I am happy breaking it up into two 1-minute planks.
  • Stretch and foam roll for 10 minutes every morning and every night.  FAIL.  I totally blew it on this.  I am going to keep trying to foam role and stretch more often to compliment my yoga “practice”.

Pretty darn good, if I do say so myself!  Looking back at December and how well I did with my goals makes me feel hopefully for how well I will do with my 2012 Resolutions.  Aaron made a great suggestion that I print off my resolutions and keep them somewhere I can see them on a daily basis.  He is so smart!!


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