Catching Up

Catching up after a fun, busy few days.  Last week was a seriously busy week to kick off the new year.  It was a great week, though!

The weekend “started” with a cold and foggy 7 mile run.  I am training for an upcoming 10K and I am trying to actually train for all the races a register for.  I have never actually trained specifically for a 10K, so I enlisted the Runner’s World Smart Coach App to help me out.  It takes the guess work out of it.  I entered in a recent race time (54:00 10K), the distance I was training for (10K), how many miles I wanted to run a week (16-20), how hard I wanted to train (hard), what day I wanted to do my long run (Friday), and how many weeks until the race. Hit generate plan and there you go.  The plan had m first long run on Friday for 7miles.  That’s the farthest I have run since April.  And of course I woke up to this:


But I gave it a shot anyway and figured if I felt like crap I could turn around early to cut it short.  To my surprise, I felt great and completed the 7 miles in just under 1:04.  I averaged a 9:39 pace which I was happy with for my first “long” non-race run.

Saturday was the busiest day of them all.  It started dark and early at the TBF Racing New Years Duathlon.  It is a free race that benefits Girls on the Run!  TBF is an amazing organization that is such a huge supporter of GOTR.  We come to the race and provide raffle prizes and accept donations from participants.  It is a really great fundraiser for us and we love supporting such a great organization in our community.




Saturday night was the annual Father Daughter dance that my Dad and I attend every January.  We have been going for 16 or so years and I look forward to it every year.  We catch up with friends, have drinks, appetizers, dinner and then dance our booties off.  The band that plays every year is the same band that played at our wedding.  They are amazing and it was so much fun to see them.  Every year they know they have to play My Girl before my Dad and I can leave (that was our Father Daughter dance at the wedding).



Such a great weekend – and here’s to a great week!  Tomorrow Smart Coach has me doing speedwork.  My mission is to figure out how to program my Garmin for speedwork.


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