Not Quite The Track

Today I used my Smart Coach app again for my workout.  Tuesdays are speedwork days.  On the agenda today was:

1 mile warm up
3 x 800 @4:01 with 400 recovery
1 mile cool down

I decided to try utilizing my Garmin’s interval function to help me complete the workout. Last night I programmed it for the interval distances and gave it a whirl this morning.  I don’t have access to a real track, but this is much prettier, don’t you think?


Man those three intervals took it out of me.  Hopefully those will get easier as I do more of them. One thing, my inner thighs/front of my hips get really sore when I run hard.  Any ideas how I can strengthen them or the muscles around them to prevent that?  I am trying to incorporate more lunges and plie squats into my strength routine, but any other suggestions are welcome.  When all was said and done I completed 4.25 miles before meeting up with Cash and Aaron for a walk.

Now I am cranking out lots of work but wishing I was laying in the sun with the animals:


Rough life, huh?


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