Jet Set

This week is the Girls on the Run Summit. I absolutely love Summit.  Last year was my first summit and it was such an amazing experience.  So inspiring, motivational, and positive. You can read about my experience here and here. After a long Saturday of coaches training and an intense 49er game (!!!!!), I was up at 5 this morning for a 7:30 flight. I flew out of the new terminal at Sac International and I didn’t even know I was at the Sacramento airport.  I never really mined our small old terminal because it was quick to get in and out of. But this is like a real airport.


I brought lots of gluten free snacks for my trip and a full day of travel (I don’t land in Tampa until 5pm). I figured it would be all granola bars and rice cakes today since the Sac airport has very few food options, and probably none for gluten free folks. But then I walked into the new terminal. The new terminal is packed with travel sized versions of some of the city’s best restaurants.


I snagged a Turkey, Brie and spinach omelette to eat at the gate. Glad I got some “real” food. They even had a Peet’s which was awesome. I do not like Starbucks, but it is usually the only airport option.  Not anymore!

Cali to Florida is far! One 2.5 hour flight followed by a 3.5 hour flight. Yowza! And I don’t know what I was thinking taking the window seat on a 3+ hour flight and then guzzling water. #tinybladder

Ready for some fresh ocean air and.some GOTR love!

Here we go!



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