60 Minutes to Freedom

Nothing relieves stress for me like a good run.  Fridays are my long run days.  I always have an early morning conference call on Fridays so I am already up and ready to go.  After this morning’s call I had a lot to get done quickly and unexpectedly so I couldn’t hit the road right away.

As the morning hours ticked by, I started to get frustrated over little things that really shouldn’t matter.  That was a sign that I needed to make my run a priority and put everything else on hold. Just for 60 minutes.



It was GORGEOUS out.  A perfect morning for a run.  It was a little breezy, but I was pretty well protected on the trail.  It is amazing how freeing a run can feel.  All my stress seems to melt away and I am able to be present and in the moment.  Everything gets clearer and the BS all just goes away!

Now it’s time for a productive and positive rest of my Friday!


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