I Lift Things Up and Put Them Down

Have you seen the Planet Fitness commercial where the body builder cannot stop saying “I life things up and put them down?”

I could not get that out of my head this morning at the gym.  I am on a mission to life heavier weights and while hoisting 25 lb dumbbells during bicep curls, I couldn’t help but feel a bit like a body builder.

Why the heavier weights?  Why not?  While that is part of it, it really comes down to wanting to get stronger, more toned and see progress in the gym.  It is easy to get comfortable doing the same routine at the gym, lifting the same weight. But that isn’t really doing you any good.  Strength training is beneficial in so many ways – it prevents injury, aids in weight loss and improves bone strength.

So I am focusing on increasing the weight of the things I lift up and put down. I am not following a set plan, but will try different thing and report back on what is working and not working. I will be alternating between heavy and light weight as well as number of reps while gradually increasing the weight every couple weeks.

Here’s to strong chicks and toned arms (legs, and shoulder and abs)!



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