Speedwork Wednesday

The past couple weeks I have been meeting up with some of my GOTR friends for Wednesday Speedwork.  I dread it beforehand every time, but it feels so good when we finish.

Today the weather was AMAZING.  Sunny and in the 60s!  So crazy that yesterday it was raining and tomorrow it is going to be almost 70s.  Picnic, anyone?

Today Kellie and I tackled 4 x 800s with 2 minute recovery between each interval and a warm up and cool down. It was fabulous!  We were tempted to do 400s because they are shorter, but both agreed it was nice to be half way done after only 2.  I stuck to about a 7:45-8:00 pace during the 800s and walked for 1 minute and jogged for 1 minute during the recovery.  All in all, we cover 3.56 miles.

Tip: Do you want to do speedwork with friends, but don’t run the same pace as your buddies?  If you all have Garmins, you can each program the same workout and start and finish together, but run the workout at your own pace.  Kellie is faster than me, so did her 800s at 7:30 pace while I gladly followed behind.  We were able to chat during our recovery and cheer each other one.  You shouldn’t be able to chit chat during speedwork, anyways!

I am looking forward to seeing improvement in my pace and hoping these speed session get a little easier each day.  Do you have any favorite speed workouts?  We need to mix it up a little.

Just for fun:

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