Parking Garage Hills and Stairs

Hills – dreaded hills.  They are an important part of training (much like speed work), but it is so easy to skip them – especially when you don’t live in an area with hills close by. The benefits of hill training include building strength and speed. I typically run on flat ground and don’t think much about hills.

But during the Superbowl 10K I quickly realized that I should incorporate hills into my routine. Just the slightest bump in the road took it out of me.  The Napa2Sonoma Half has a couple decent climbs and rolling hills, so I want to be prepared.

This morning, after a walk with the dog, Aaron and I headed to the stairs of death for a quick workout. I took advantage of the parking garage the stairs are attached to and ran up the inside of the 6-story garage a couple times. Each trip to the roof was half a mile of hills.

In addition to running up the inside of the garage, I took a few trips up the stairs as well. My heart rate was through the roof at the end of each trip to the top.  It was a nice, sweaty way to end the weekend and my week of workouts. I hit my goal of 3 days of strength training this week and exceeded my goal of 300 minutes of cardio – I did 383 minutes!! Yay, me!

We have an afternoon of hanging with friends ahead of us! I don’t have tomorrow off, but hope you do!



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