Girls on the Run Lessons for Grown Ups

One of the best things about coaching Girls on the Run is that I learn so much from the girls and the curriculum that I can apply in my own life. Let me share some examples:

Negative Self-Talk

A couple weeks ago we talked about doing away with negative self-talk and turning negatives into positives. Yesterday at the gym I used the tools we teach the girls for myself. If I were pin-point a body area I am most hard on, it would be my legs. I avoid shorts like the plague and am pretty hard on myself for having saddle bags and big hips. But while I was laying in the leg press machine hoisting 200 pounds with my legs, I decided to take that all back. I looked at my legs and praised them for being so strong, being able to lift so much weight and for carrying the rest of my body over countless finish lines and even a whole freaking marathon! Thank you legs! Maybe this summer I will show you off in shorts so I can brag about all that you do!


Today we talked about gratitude – not only understanding what gratitude is, but how to show it. Gratitude for things, people and circumstances. After practice, I went to yoga and spent the 75 minutes class focusing on being grateful for where I am right now. So often we miss out on right now by thinking about where we wish we were or where we think we are going. Sometimes I am so focused on what is next – whether it be my career or having babies or buying a house. I am grateful for where I am now and I need to be more conscious of showing it.


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